At Home in the Rocks

The Black Sheep is the nickname for the Canadian Rockies Chapter, one of four chapters that make up the Western Canada Section of the Canadian Ninety-Nines. This motley but dedicated group of aviatrixes is affectionately known as the Black Sheep Chapter due to the wide, sparsely spread and mountainous terrain (MEA 11,500 feet) covered by our chapter territory (all of BC outside the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island). There is difficulty in full attendance at meetings, thus we coined the nickname of the Black Sheep. It is quite an accomplishment to gather our scattered members from throughout the province to participate in our projects and events!

These rocks, however, do not deter us when the weather is kind to hold our annual Poker Run, which is enjoyed by most private flyers.

Our members come from varied backgrounds, including flying homemakers, Farming Fixed Base Operator, postal supervisor, Bush pilots, flight instructor, an IFR and multi-engine flight examiner, doctors, an airframe assistant, nurse, fraud investigator, and a digital mapping specialist.

Chartered on September 22, 1979, we celebrated our 21st anniversary in 2000. Our founding members were: Betty Alsager, Anne E. Dale, Patricia J. Fraser, Angelee Keeley, Edith Skirzik, Teresa Taft, Roberta E. Taylor and Audrey Webster. Now added to these are; Roberta Baker, Brenda Kenyon, Gretchen Matheson, June Mills, Jennifer M. Robinson, Jeanine E. Sprague, Sonja Wilford, and Dale Zinowich.

Recently, along with all the other Ninety-Nines of the East and West Canada Sections, the Black Sheep now wear a clasp of the ‘Belt of Orion’ that anchors us firmly to the stars above.