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A History of Airmarking: the Compass Rose

This Chapter has a history with airmarking. The first three compass roses took place in West Canada (as reported by Roberta Baker):

TheĀ first one was in Cranbrook in 1996, led by June Mills. As there were no 99s members in their city, the Cranbrook Flying Club actually initiated the project and the design was sent to them. Several 99s members in surrounding communities attempted to fly there to assist them but because of foul weather, no one was able to get through. The Cranbrook Club was able to complete it on their own and we were able to fly there the following weekend to view their handiwork.

The second one was painted in Vernon in 1997. This one was initiated by the 99s member residing there and was joined by Vernon Flying Club members. The City of Vernon also supported us by supplying the paint. It is actually due for re-painting this year and the Vernon Flying Club and 99s will be tackling this big job.

The third one was completed in Penticton in 1998 and was done solely on the initiative of a 99s member residing in Penticton. The painting was done by dedicated 99s, spouses and friends and incorporates the Native name for Penticton in the design.